Things to Consider When Choosing a Curling Iron

Sep. 15, 2021

Whether you're going to an event or just want a nice everyday head of hair, curling irons are a very useful styling tool for almost any type of hair. Creating soft, bouncy curls or loose, relaxed waves has never been easier, thanks to the wide range of curling irons on the market.

There are a few key factors to consider when buying a curling iron.


Curling irons are made from a variety of different materials. The popular material is ceramic, which conducts heat evenly to provide a smooth styling experience. Ceramic curling irons minimize frizz and static and reduce heat damage for all hair types.

Titanium curling irons heat up quickly to help retain moisture in the hair, which is important as over-heating the style can lead to dry and brittle hair.


Some curling irons are plated with tourmaline. This technology produces negative ions which help to keep the hair healthy. These ions protect the hair cuticle and lock moisture into the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

Titanium Curling Iron

 Titanium Curling Iron

Barrel size

You also need to pay attention to the size of the barrel of the curling iron. Different barrel sizes are better suited to different styles and hair types. Smaller barrels produce smaller, tighter curls. Smaller barrels are also better suited to already curly hair to enhance definition. Medium barrels, while suitable for all hair types, are best for creating loose beach curls. Large barrels produce big, voluminous Hollywood waves.


Curling iron barrel sizes - size matters!

Each barrel size produces a different type of curl.


Smaller barrels (up to 19 mm)

This size is better suited to fine, short, and medium hair.

It produces smaller curls and is ideal for coils, spiral locks, perm looks, or orkscrew curls.


Bigger barrels (over 19 mm)

The size is best suited to women with thicker and longer hair. However, it can also be used on short to medium-length hair to add volume.

It is perfect for creating more natural, larger, softer waves and voluminous curls.

With the 38 mm rollers, you can create the very popular messy beach and bohemian waves or Victoria's Secret curls.


Glamour tip! The best curler size for beginners is 25 mm. This size is very versatile - it can provide a wide range of curls for any length of hair.

Superfine Hair Curler

 Superfine Hair Curler

Temperature settings - don't damage your hair!

Choose a curling iron with adjustable heat settings, as different hair types require different heat settings. Thicker hair can withstand higher temperatures, while thinner hair needs lower temperatures to prevent damage. Today, many curlers have adjustable temperatures, preferably with an LCD display.


Recommended temperature settings.

Up to 150°C - thin, porous, or damaged hair

Max 170°C - permed, porous, fine hair

Max 200°C - normal hair

Max 240°C - strong, durable, thick or unruly hair


More tips and advice - don't underestimate the trivialities!

Easy to use - e.g. sufficiently long swivel cord (min. 2 m), adjustable temperature for each hair type, ergonomic design, etc.


Heating - most hair straighteners are ready to use in less than 30 seconds.

Heat protector - safely covers the hot plate and is also ideal for travel.

Sleep mode - the heater automatically switches off if not used for 30 minutes.

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