How to Choose the Best Straightener for Your Hair?

Nov. 10, 2021

Few beauty triumphs are as satisfying as discovering the best hair straightener for your hair. To accomplish this feat, you must weed through a plethora of potential matches and, through trial and error, find the iron or straightening device that best suits your individual hair texture and time constraints to achieve the coveted smooth, shiny strands. Read on for the best straighteners and straightening irons for a variety of beauty and lifestyle issues.


How to choose the best straightener for your hair?

Whether you have curly or very thick hair, are looking for a mini flat iron or a straightening brush, there are almost always too many factors to consider when looking for the best hair straightener. Aside from the issue of hair texture, finding the best straightener depends on the shape of the device, the type of plate, and the temperature setting. The way your device is built will affect its versatility and if the plates and outer edges are more rounded then you can also use the tool like a curling iron. On the other hand, sharp straighteners are less versatile but they can make your hair look a little straighter.


It's also important to choose a straightener based on your hair type, texture, and length. Taylor says those with long, thick hair will want a straightener with wide plates to help speed up time in the mirror and reduce damage, while if you have fine or over-processed hair, you'll want a straightener with narrower plates and less heat.

Professional Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightener Yb2117

 Professional Wet 2 Dry Hair Straightener Yb2117

Titanium straighteners versus ceramic plate straighteners.

If you're concerned about reducing prep time for your morning routine, you may want to look at flat irons with larger plate widths and the ability to heat up quickly. Titanium flat irons tend to heat up faster than ceramic plates, but the strength and speed of titanium plates may mean sacrificing the more limited heat damage that ceramic flat irons cause to hair. The heat is evenly distributed across the ceramic plates and they are usually enhanced in one of two ways to further protect the hair. When infused with tourmaline, the ceramic plates produce negative ions as they heat up, adding a conditioning layer to protect and moisturize your strands. Then you have infrared irons with ceramic plates which not only emit negative ions.


If the thought of clamping down on any hot flat iron, ceramic or not, pressed into colored, brittle, or otherwise damaged hair makes you cringe, perhaps you should consider using a steam straightener or a ceramic flat iron with a wide range of adjustable heat to use with your favorite hair care product.


In addition to the very reasonable price point, customers love the straightener's ability to quickly smooth out the most unruly textures and give braids a professional look. Heating options range from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you a variety of options to discover the ideal heat for your hair, and the dual voltage means you don't have to leave your new straightener at home when you travel. An extra touch? The flat iron comes with a mini argan oil leave-in conditioner to enhance the shine and softness of your hair.

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