How Strong a Hair Dryer Do I Need?

May. 06, 2022

You can't always go to a hairdresser for a professional blow-dry, so you need a hairdryer to help you get salon-like results at home. A good hair dryer will dry your hair quickly while providing an effective range of temperature and airflow settings to help you create the style you want. If it doesn't reach the minimum, it's just blowing hot air. 

How Strong a Hair Dryer Do I Need?

Higher quality hair dryer engines with high power provide faster airflow and reduce drying time without exposing your hair to excessive heat. Using a powerful dryer can cut drying time in half.

1400 - 1800 W: For most people, between 1400 W and 1800 W is sufficient power. Especially if your hair is short and fine, there is no need to reduce the drying time. Therefore, even a hairdryer with lower power is sufficient. However, we do not recommend buying a hairdryer with a power lower than 1400 W.

1800 W or more: Do you need to dry your hair forever? Do you need to dry your hair forever? Invest in a more powerful hairdryer. Ideally 1800 W or higher. Higher power hairdryers are also better for hairdressers, but we recommend a minimum purchase of 2000 W or more.

Intelligent Professional Compact Hair Dryer

Intelligent Professional Compact Hair Dryer

How many temperature stages do I need? What temperature should I choose?

The hair dryer should have at least 2 heat buttons and 2 airflow buttons. These setting options will provide you with better hair drying adjustments. Thanks to them, you will reduce the risk of over-drying.

The temperature should be adjusted to suit your hair. Different types of hair require different levels of heat. The highest temperature is suitable for really thick, coarse and strong hair and allows for faster blow drying. But please remember to avoid exposing a section of hair to high temperatures for a long time. Otherwise, you will not be able to avoid damage.

The low-temperature setting is the best choice for fine, thin, and brittle hair that is more prone to damage.

Professional Hair Dryer

Professional Hair Dryer

Is it time to replace my hair dryer?

Some hair dryers can be your trusted hair care companion for years, but it's important to know when to give up the fight and replace your hair dryer with a shiny new model.

Most hair dryers now have a built-in safety switch that automatically cuts the power if the dryer starts to overheat. Older hair dryers may not have this safety feature.

When your hair dryer is turned on, it draws in dirt and dust that floats in the air. Over time, this filter may become clogged and dirty, and may not draw in enough clean air to run the hair dryer efficiently. This can cause the hair dryer to overheat and you may even smell a burning odor - an indication that it's time to replace the hair dryer.

If your hair dryer is blowing extremely hot air, it may be doing more harm than good - another sign that it's time to replace it.

If you decide it's time to replace your hair dryer with a shiny new model, be sure to consider what to do with the old one. Recycling electronic waste (e-waste) keeps toxic metals out of landfills and allows many materials to be reused. Check with your local council - many offer a free e-waste disposal service. Sustainable Salons Australia is another service that collects and recycles salon waste. Partner salons may extend this service to their customers by allowing you to bring in your old hair dryer for recycling.

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