How Do You Choose The Best Hair Dryer For Your Hair?

Apr. 02, 2022

If we polled 100 people, we'd guess that a large percentage would not know the difference between ceramic and ionic technology, both of which are key features of today's quality styling tools. If you're one of the uninformed - listen up - because we're going to introduce you to and answer some other big questions, including the big one - how to choose the right styling tool for your hair.


So what are ceramic and ionic technology?

Ceramics 101

Ceramics are basically clay composites. In the case of ceramic hair dryers, clay is used in the body of the hair dryer, in the heating element, or as a coating for the internal parts. It produces far-infrared heat that penetrates the hair shaft, preserving the hair's natural moisture and shine.


Ceramic is also beneficial because it heats quickly and evenly, thus reducing damaging hot spots. The kind that can leave your hair brittle and ruined. Especially beneficial for people with thin, brittle, and/or bleached-out fragile hair. If this sounds like you, then always use a hairdryer with ceramic technology, it's that simple.

Ultra-comfortable Salon Blow Dryer

 Ultra-comfortable Salon Blow Dryer

So to quickly summarize, the benefits of ceramic stylers are


They help distribute heat more evenly

Help retain the hair's natural moisture and shine

Help reduce damaging hot spots that can lead to frizzy hair

Best for: Those who have fine and/or dry hair


Ion 101

Ion technology produces millions of negatively charged ions that break down the positively charged ions present in water, preventing them from penetrating the hair shaft and causing frizz. If you have an ionic hair dryer, then you can actually dry your hair faster (yes, really!) and at a lower temperature. This is a huge benefit to anyone with curly hair as it retains the definition of curly hair.


The word Tourmaline is often used in conjunction with ions. Think of tourmaline dryers as the biggest ions; they are either made of this semi-precious mineral on the inside or coated, and this mineral releases more negative ions into the air - but raises the price of the dryer accordingly. If your hair is curly or thick and/or difficult to dry, it is still good value for money.

Professional styling tool AC motor Hair Dryer YB92001

Professional styling tool AC motor Hair Dryer YB92001

The advantages of ion dryers are.

You can use lower temperatures to blow dry your hair

Helps retain the definition of curly hair

Dries hair faster

You'll see less frizz than with a dryer without ions

Best for: girls with curly, thick, or curly hair that is difficult to blow-dry


How do you choose the best hair dryer for your hair?

As mentioned above, your hair type will best determine which hair dryer you use, with the iconic hair dryer being better able to manage thicker, curlier braids. However, if you have very fine or thin hair, be careful not to over-dry your hair and lose its texture and volume, you'll want a ceramic hair dryer.

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Beat the winter hair blues by drying right

Just like our skin, the harsh winter weather can affect our hair. Think brittle flyaways, dry scalps, and a severe lack of moisture. But to avoid dull-looking locks, using a ceramic or ionic hair dryer in your arsenal can help you breathe a little life into your hair this winter.


While most of us think the heat is the most obvious culprit for the damage, it's not, and studies have proven that blow-drying your hair is better than letting it air-dry naturally. Why? So it all comes down to the fact that when water is applied to the hair, it causes the hair cuticle to swell, which in turn weakens the hair follicle and causes damage.


To avoid this, once you have towel dried your hair and combed it, blow dry your hair until it feels warm.


Get the most gorgeous hair with ionic and ceramic technology

If you want to see the results of ionic and ceramic techniques in real life. Buy Hair Dryers Now.


To get this look, we recommend performing the following steps.

1. Part your hair into 3 sections and blow dry with a round brush to blow dry. 2. to add more movement, you can add some movement by using a Straight & Curl Brilliance

To add more movement, you can add some texture to your hair by styling it with tools like Straight & Curl Brilliance.


Important note: If you want a video tutorial on how to achieve this look, check out our post on easy ways to dry and style perfectly short hair.

LCD Digital Ionic Hair Straightener YB82027

 LCD digital Ionic Hair Straightener YB82027

Ceramic vs. ionic hair straighteners

So we've discussed ceramic and ionic technology in hair dryers - but what about straighteners? Are the benefits the same? In a word, yes. Ceramic hair straighteners will provide you with constant and even heat, so no damaging hot spots are created, making them the choice for people with fine hair. The digital sensor straightener also uses sol-gel technology to provide 15 times more ceramic than ordinary ceramic tools for the ultimate in heat control and durability


Best for: Thin, fine hair.


Choice: If you want a styler with even heat distribution, which means less chance of heat damage. This straightener also features an intelligent thermal protection sensor mode that monitors and regulates the plate temperature based on the hair's characteristics (moisture) to prevent overheating for optimal styling results and to protect the hair fiber.


Once again, the ionic straightener offers the same benefits as an ionic hair dryer, releasing active ions that surround the hair, enhancing shine with each pass, eliminating static and taming the dreaded frizz. Many good straighteners are designed with both technologies and are highly recommended. Our favorite photo is of the Frizz Defense Salon Straightener with Super Frizz Technology, which releases up to 60% frizz control ions for perfect one-off straightening results and perfect shine.


Best for: medium thickness, curly textured hair  


Choose: If frizz is your main hair problem. Compared to other hair straighteners, ionic hair straighteners give hair more shine and better control of static electricity.


Ceramic hair stylers vs. ionic hair stylers

Don't forget the stylers - many of them also contain ionic and ceramic technology.


Here are our tips on how to recreate this look: 

Step 1. Use an ionic hairdryer Blow dry. 

Step 2. Brush into a smooth ponytail and secure. 

Step 3. Dress with a ribbon and use a styling brush to smooth out any frizz.

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