Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Hair Dryer

Oct. 12, 2021

When buying a hair dryer, buying a high-quality model that suits your hair type can dramatically improve the health of your hair. The right hair dryer will reduce your chances of blow-drying brittle hair. Key items to focus on when buying a hairdryer are its material, wattage, weight, and special features that may make drying your hair easier.


Choosing a blow dryer material

Look for an ionic or tourmaline hair dryer for thick, curly hair. An ionic or tourmaline hair dryer releases negative ions which help to break down water droplets on the hair, thus speeding up drying. As a result, your hair is less likely to curl after blow-drying. If you have thick hair that tends to curl, buy a hairdryer with ions or tourmaline inside for best results.


Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that provides the most intense ionic action. Tourmaline dryers may be more expensive than regular ionic dryers. However, if you have very thick or curly hair, this may be a good investment.

An ionic or tourmaline dryer is also suitable for any type of hair that is difficult to dry.


If you have very fine or thin hair, avoid ionic hair dryers. They are not as effective at adding volume as other types of hair dryers.


If you have very fine or dry hair, consider using a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer. Blow dryers feature a plastic or metal casing coated with ceramic or porcelain to provide less harsh and more consistent heat, making them ideal for fine or dry hair that tends to dehydrate. If you are unsure which type of hairdryer to buy, ceramic or porcelain models are suitable for virtually all types of hair.

Ceramic or porcelain hair dryers also use negative ions to prevent frizz and allow you to dry your hair faster.

Some ceramic or porcelain dryers use infrared technology. This means that they use longer waves of energy to penetrate the hair and dry it from the inside out.

Professional AC motor Hair Dryer 

Professional AC motor Hair Dryer     

If you have a lot of hair, choose a titanium hair dryer. A titanium hair dryer provides heat at a steady, even temperature. However, it tends to get very hot, so it is not a good choice for fine or damaged hair. However, if you have very thick hair or a lot of hair, a titanium hairdryer can greatly help to shorten your blow-drying time.

Titanium is lighter than ceramic or porcelain, so dryers are usually very light. This makes it more comfortable to hold when you have a lot of hair to blow dry. If you want to get more information about types of hair dryers, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  


Adjusting power and weight

Choose a hair dryer with 1500 watts or more. The wattage of a hair dryer measures how hard and fast its motor works. The higher its wattage, the faster you will be able to blow dry your hair. Lower wattage dryers are usually cheaper, but you will need to replace them more often than higher wattage dryers. For home use, look for a dryer with a wattage of at least 1500.

If your hair is very thick and difficult to dry, choose a hair dryer with a wattage between 1800 and 2000. This is similar to the hairdryers used by stylists in the salon, so you can achieve salon-quality results at home!


Choose a lightweight dryer so your arms don't get tired. It may seem like a minor detail, but it's important to consider the weight of your hairdryer. You want a lightweight model that is more comfortable to hold while you blow-dry your hair. This makes your blowout easier.


Look for a dryer with multiple heat settings. While a dryer made with the right materials and the right wattage will help, you also need a model that can adjust the heat level. Look for a dryer that offers low, medium, and high heat settings so you can use the exact amount of heat your hair needs.

For fine, thin, or dry hair, a low heat setting works well.

For normal hair, a medium setting is ideal.

For coarse, thick hair, use the high heat setting.

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