5 Features To Look For In A Hair Curling Iron

Mar. 02, 2022

With a curling iron, you can create a hairdo with curls or waves. Before you buy a curling iron, it's important to ask yourself the following questions:


Which diameter is suitable for your desired result?

What type of curls do you want to create?

Do you want basic heat protection or extra heat protection?

Do you want a curling iron with or without a clamp?

Do you want to create curls extra easily?

Do you want to care for your hair directly?

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Hair Curler

 Hair Curler     

What type of curls do you want to create?

The type of curl you create with a curling iron depends on the curling wand. Do you want smooth curls all the same size? Choose a straight curling iron. You can create small compact curls with a thin chopstick curling iron. The larger the diameter of the curling wand, the larger the curl. If you want a natural hairdo, you use the conic curling iron. This curling wand creates curls that start loose and end tight. You can create a more wavy effect with a waffle hair iron or bubble curling iron.


5 Features To Look For In A Hair Curling Iron

From material to barrels, there's a lot to consider while searching for a hair curler. It also depends on the hair type, texture, and the kind of curler you are looking for. From ceramic to titanium and different heat settings, the following are the features to look for in a hair curling iron.


Heat Setting

Heat setting is an important feature to consider; it ensures curl hold and prevention of hair damage. If you have fine or damaged hair, a curling rod offering lower heat settings will suit your requirement. However, those with coarse and thick hair need a higher heat setting. Make sure to always apply a heat protectant before using any hair tool. Also, a curling rod providing manual control over heat setting is recommended.

Ceramic Styling Tool Hair Curler

Ceramic Styling Tool Hair Curler



Ceramic is the most common material available in curling rods as it helps distribute heat evenly. It is best for thin hair that needs controlled heat. There are many other materials like titanium which is lightweight and can handle high heat temperatures. Gold-plated hair curlers can also hold high temperatures and are suitable for coarse hair.


Barrel Size

There are many barrel sizes available. One can choose depending on the curl size needed, hair length, and texture. 3/4 inch barrel is for tight ringlets and short hair while 1-inch barrel size is an all-rounder. Those with long hair can opt for one and a half-inch barrel size.



Like barrel size, one can also choose shapes. There are ones available with clamps which are the traditional version of a curler. Those with newer technology come in a wand shape with no clamp; these work better with damaged and dry hair. Cone-shaped curlers help create a natural look with tighter curls towards the ends and loose ones at the crown.

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